Web Slings

Web slings are great for lifting applications requiring a lightweight and versatile solution.

They can be used in various configurations, including vertical lifts, choke lift, or basket grip to accommodate any need you may have!

The primary use of web slings is for lifting loads where chains may be too bulky for the job. By using a sling you are giving yourself plenty of options and we stock certified slings that can be used in a number of different ways.


polyester web slings

Web Slings for Basket Lift

Slings set up in a basket lift configuration provide a stable strong lift and when the web slings legs are at 90° you get the same lift setup as chains that would normally require two lifting devices and a spreader bar.

The load is cradled by the slings with both eyes attached above. You may need more than one sling of the same length to perform this lift and ensure load control.

Web Slings for Vertical Lift

When you set up a vertical hitch you can utilise the full lifting capacity of the sling.

One end of the sling is attached directly to the load and the other to the lifting hook.

You will need to use a tagline with this setup to prevent load rotation

Web Slings for Choke Lift

if you use web slings in a choke lift configuration you need to be aware that you will reduce the load capacity of the sling down to about 75% of its capacity.

Another point to note here is to always make sure the hitch tight before you attempt any lift.

Latest Products

Web sling options

They are tested, certified, traceable with individually labeled serial numbers. We can produce any webbing sling on request ranging from 1 ton to 40 ton.

We offer and stock web slings in the following configurations and are all colour coded for easy identification. Each one comes in a standard length and certified for your safety.

  • Purple = 1T 1M slings
  • Green = 2T 2M length
  • Yellow = 3T 3M
  • Grey = 4T 4M
  • Red = 5T 5M
  • Brown = 6T 6M
  • Blue = 8T 8M
  • Orange = 10T 240mm
  • Orange = 12T 300mm

All of our Slings are fully compliant with EN and CE Code Standards.

We stock a range of slings and can produce customised length lifting equipment and webbing slings for all your lifting needs. Contact Us below and let us know your lifting and working load requirements. Heavy lifting needs experienced people in control and Hoist Equip has the experience to make sure the slings you use are certified and result in a safe working load.

We have most slings available in stock and available in our shop but can produce custom products up to safety code on request.

The team is fully qualified, experienced, and insured to carry out inspection and load testing on all lifting equipment, height safety equipment, and heavy lifting appliances.