Construction sites throughout the country are often faced with challenges, where staff or contractors have to work with heavy machinery or materials within a limited workspace. Therefore lifting and hoisting equipment is used to ensure efficiency and safety for all.

Hoist Equipment Suppliers can offer a wide range of chain slings, web slings (EN1492-1) and manhole lifting pins for Civil applications. We have an excellent variety of DELTA manual and powered chain and wire rope hoists up to 50 ton to suit many different applications. They are user-friendly and easy to maintain.
Other equipment we can offer includes Scaffold hoists, Battery hoists and Minifor winches suitable for 110v working construction sites.

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With our large variety of Grade 80/100 Chain Slings and components, we can provide construction sites with capacities ranging from 1 ton to 50 ton. Chain slings options include single leg, 2 leg and 3/4 leg configurations with leg length and shortening hooks to suit clients request. We can supply any Wire rope sling configuration along with accessories and ends to suit.

With our European Partners, we can offer any Crane rope to suit customer specification and breaking load. We supply both Main hoist ropes and trolley ropes, if you have the original crane rope information we can provide you with a very competitive quote.

We also carry out inspections, test and certification on all lifting equipment and appliances on site. Our certificate bank allows clients to view there register and individual certificates online and with our colour coding process it gives everybody on site peace of mind that the equipment on site is safe and in accordance with the HSA 2007 Regulations Act. This service is available to all industries.

Transport & Recovery

Transport and logistics are key components in a successful supply chain for any company and the safe delivery of products is vital. Products that we supply for this industry are certified and can be used globally.

Our Ratchet Straps are used to secure a load by tying firmly, they are made in accordance with EN12195-2 standards and are equipped with double J-hooks.

The DELTA Ratchet Load Binders and tie down chains with clevis grab/sling hooks are used to help tension down cargo and plant and are available in Grade 80.

The chains are tested and certified in accordance with EN1677 standards.

Entertainment Industry

It is a misconception that hoisting equipment is only used in the industrial industries.
The entertainment industry including theatre, film studios, theme parks, event stations, and many more all require lifting equipment to help operate their businesses economically.

Hoists are extensively used behind the scenes, for instance, moving instruments, adjusting lights, setting sound systems or moving heavy equipment and items.  The type of hoist depends on the environment, electric chain hoists are often used in difficult circumstances. On the other hand, manual chain hoists are commonly used when it comes to lifting heavy gear.

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Wind Industry

The introduction of windmills in recent years have allowed for new ways of converting wind into electricity, which can be used for powering industries, businesses and households.

Hoist Equipment Suppliers understands the importance of having quality material under these conditions. Therefore we make sure that our electric chain hoists, can be easily customized according to the needs and demands of the environment in question, for example, stainless steel hand and load chains and special spare parts.

Height safety equipment is something Hoist Equipment Suppliers specialize in.
We can supply end users with a wide range of Harnesses, Lanyards, Lifelines and Anchor points. Visit our Kratos catalogue to get a full listing of our relevant products.

Manufacturing & Engineering

We are proud to supply a wide range of lifting equipment products to the manufacturing and Engineering industries in Ireland. Products relevant to this sector include: Manual and Powered Hoist Equipment, Overhead Gantry and monorail systems and ATEX equipment to suit cleanroom applications.

We can also supply material handling equipment such as pallet trucks, lift tables and stackers for lifting and moving equipment around production floors and lines. Our ATEX range of products suit harsher zone 1 and 2 environments.

Water & Power

Hoist Equipment Supplier is a recognised vendor for the ESB and provides supply and inspection of relevant lifting equipment including pump chains, stainless steel shackles, davit arms and sockets along with height safety equipment such as tripods, hoists and gantries to suit water and power industries.

Hoist Equipment Suppliers are the leading provider of lifting and material handling equipment to the wastewater and water treatment industry including electric and manual hoists. We also offer a large range of portable lifting products including battery hoists, portable swing jibs and Aluminium and Steel A-Frame gantry cranes.
Our H2O range is specifically targeted at the water treatment industry and was designed to withstand the corrosive environment in this sector.

Quarry & Mining

The mining and quarry industry include rough environments and require equipment that is both durable and trustworthy. Safety comes first! The selection of the available products include winches, winch ropes, shackles, height safety equipment.

All variations of heavy chains and ropes along with lifting and lashing equipment.


Hoist Equipment Suppliers are one of the leading lifting equipment suppliers to the fishing industry and offer an extensive range of lifting equipment and lashing products which are tailor made for the fishing industry.

The products we offer are designed to meet the specific demand from trawlers around the country and include mid link and long link chain (yellow painted or galvanised) along with wire rope, hammerlocks, shackles swivels and hooks.

Food & Pharmaceutical

Hoist Equipment Suppliers supply lifting and material handling equipment suitable for the Pharmaceutical and food industry. Our products are designed, so that they can be adjusted, to the requirements of the individual user.

Our product offering to these sectors include electric and pneumatic chain hoists, spreader beams, swings jibs and crane systems, height safety equipment and material handling equipment.


We can offer a large variety of lifting equipment products to suit the Aviation industry
from Stainless Steel Wire rope slings, shackles and height safety equipment.

Our team can offer the full inspection and certification process for all variations of Air Hoists and Jacks. With our experienced team and workshop we can carry out load testing and certification in-house in accordance with the HAS 2007 Regulations Act.

Plant & Machinery

Our Engineers are fully qualified to carry out 6 and 12 monthly inspections on everything from Excavators and telehandlers to forklifts and MEWP’s at very reasonable rates, call our Sales team for quote.


We can provide inspection of relevant appliances and for supply, we can offer chain components such as chain slings, tow chains, choker and forestry hooks and wire ropes for skyline applications.

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