Plate Clamp 1 Ton

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Product Specifications:

ID: E3

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Plate clamps are used for the lifting and horizontal transfer of steel plates and beams.

They can be used single-handedly or in pairs. They are fitted with a locking mechanism for both open and closed positions.

There are a few things you need to be aware of before you purchase a plate clamp:

  1. Make sure the clamp is rated for the capacity and grip range of the load you are intending to lift. With some lifting applications, the clamps must be used in pairs and attached together with a wire rope sling or chains.
  2. The position of the steel or beam at the beginning of the lift and also the position it needs to end up in when the lift is complete. Some clamps can only lift in a vertical position but others allow a 180-degree motion during the lift for ease of load placement.
  3. Do you need a locking mechanism to be applied during the lift? Not all clamps come with these included so check first.
  4. Depending on the load you are lifting you may need non-marring plate clamps that have a smooth gripping jaw instead of the normal tooth style. This is to avoid damaging softer or polished surfaces such as stainless or aluminium sheeting.