Battery Chain Hoist

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Product Specifications:

ID: A9

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Hoist Equip are suppliers of the Delta Battery Chain Hoist. This hoist is perfect for areas without access to a power supply.

The unit comes complete with a li-ion battery and lasts for 25 mins with a full charge capacity. The battery will charge fully in 1 hour.


It has built-in protection for safety with an overload protection warning buzzer to make sure you stay working within the limits of the unit.

Suitable for a small warehouse or garage with restricted areas where you need help with powered lifting.

The unit itself is sealed for dust and water protection and if you are looking for a small compact chain hoist this is the unit for you.

Standard accessories and spare parts are also readily available.



winch storage case
Handy Storage Case

Extension Controller

Powerful 18v Battery

Battery Charger


  • Suitable for areas without power supply.
  • Compact, portable, and user-friendly.
  • Exclusively patented.
  • Battery performance: 25 min with full capacity.
  • With LED display.
  • With overload protection warning buzzer.
  • Empty battery fully charged within 1 hour.
  • IP54.