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Ballintaggart, Colbinstown via Dunlavin,
Co. Kildare, Ireland.

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Wire Rope

We stock all constructions and Diameter sizes of wire rope, from 1mm up to 64mm. From general purpose wire rope in Galvanized to Stainless Steel wire rope ,PVC Coated wire rope and Crane ropes. We can also supply wire rope slings c/w Special fittings machined to suit any customer requirement. Wire rope socks to fit every size or wire rope, with single eye, double eye and open ended type.

Image of assortment of Wire Rope Fittings Image of assortment of Wire Rope Image of Wire Ropes Image of assortment of Wire Rope Fittings
7 x 19 covered 6 x 19 covered 7 x 7 covered 35W x 7 18 x 7 FC covered 19 x 7 covered 7 x 7 7 x 19 6 x 19 plus FC

Fibre Rope

Our soft rope stocks cover Nylon,Polyester,Polypropelene,sisal and manila. From the above material our splicing department manufactures lifting slings and a host of other assemblies, for a variety of uses, ranging from Engineering, Marine and everyday Industry.

Fibre Ropes